Frequently Asked Questions.


I have a sore throat, will this help?

Absolutely. Our secret ingredient is a chinese medicine which has been used for hundreds of years, to treat both a hoarse voice, and a sore throat. We've harnessed it alongside 3 delicious vocally targeted herbal blends to soothe your throat, and revive your voice. 


My vocal seed didn't open.

This can happen. Sometimes the seed is as stubborn as a pistachio shell and just wont budge. Our advice is to drink your cuppa anyway, you will still benefit from the Organic herbs that have been released in your cup. Feel free to add another seed in the cup when you next top up with hot water.


I have not received my package.

Estimated delivery times can vary from state to state. For an estimated delivery time in your area please visit: www.auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/delivery-times.html?ilink=tools-open-deliv-times


I don't want to open a paypal account.

No worries at all. Shopify payments will be able to process your order using your credit card details. If you have any other issues please send us through an email at thefivevocaltea@gmail.com and we can provide you with banking details for money transfer.


Can I place an order for a group?

We'd love you to! If you are in Melbourne and would like to place a group order of 10 bags or more, please email us at thefivevocaltea@gmail.com and save on shipping!


Do you offer wholesale options?

Yes we do! Please send us an email at thefivevocaltea@gmail.com to set up your personal wholesale purchase.